Friday, January 11, 2008

The Big Trip Begins

We left Calgary today, and flew to Los Angeles. Finny was in very good spirits, playing in the airport, and then keeping himself busy on the plane. He drove me a little crazy while he was settling in, but finally he watched some TV and let me do the same in peace. Then he crashed.

All of the luggage made it there safely, though we had to wait a bit for the car seat, which was in a different location than the other luggage. We found the hotel shuttle and got to the hotel quickly and easily. Check in was smooth, we ordered room service and settled in. Finny loves staying in hotels, and started putting his things in the drawers immediately, even though we are only staying about 12 hours.

Tomorrow is a bit of an unknown, we have a rental car waiting at the airport, and then a free day in L.A., as we fly out at midnight. Then 14.5 hours to Sydney and the other side of the world.

It's a bit humid here, and warm, so a nice medium adjustment. The high for tomorrow is 20, which coincidentally is the low in Sydney (high of 27).

Tired now, and full, and hoping for more sleep than last night. The $38 pizza was at least half decent.